Kent Cottage and Beach

on Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT

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Enjoy the waters of Willoughby in our canoe or motor boat or bring your own boat or enjoy the magical swish of the waters with your sailboat.


Willoughby is a beautiful lake to explore with mountain views and pristine waters, and canoeing in the evening with the fragrances coming down off the mountains is a special experience.


The 14' motor boat comes with the cottage and has a new 5 HP Honda motor.







Views from the Co ttage

Superb frontage for swimming... after the underwater boulder next to the sitting platform for diving...the 10' x 10' tent platform for the sunset with glass in hand or a tent for your children, and you can hear every sound from your bed.










The Shallow Waterfront                The Swimming Platform







For Watching Your Children          The Tent Platform


Waterfront Fun for Children

Or, Contemplating the Sunset

For your next waterfront vacation consider staying at our family cottage which offers a motorboat and canoe with the finest beach in the state..

Weekly rentals [Sat to Sat] from mid-May to mid-October at $2,200/week/family plus 9% Vermont tax. $300 for a second family [max 8], $100 per extra adult.  Weekends are available in the off season: $680/2-day; $995/3-day.


Accommodations include three bedrooms upstairs, single bed down, full bath, full kitchen with pantry, living room and dining area looking out over the lake, private beach, picnic table beach chairs and umbrellas, gas grill, fishing tackle and Wi-Fi.  And there is an extensive library in the cottage.


This was the summer residence of Professor Charles Foster Kent, author, theologian, and founder of the Society for Values in Higher Education -- constructed in 1906 and renovated with much of the original furniture.



Includes Motorboat and Canoe


The Cottage


Our unique combination of a secluded cottage and a private beach makes ours a rare rental opportunity on Lake Willoughby. Such are the opinions of our guests who have been uniformly enthusiastic and often liken our place to a gem of a discovery with consistent 5-star Reviews.




The cottage faces the sunset and the beach is greeted by the sunrise and tenting is possible on the beach.  It is a short boat ride of 5 minutes to the beach with spectacular views on the way.  Canoeing takes the same time as going around by car.



The Beach


Where families spend most of their time...


We own 100 feet of beach frontage with the brook bordering the SW side. 50 feet to the NE is reserved occasionally for rental of the Tiny Cabin behind the beach. For the most part our campers enjoy the 750-foot beach exclusively. Tenting is possible on the beach, and fires are permitted.


When shadows fall across the beach, returning to the cottage is like getting another day.  Picnic tables, fire pit, beach chairs and umbrellas, and tenting on the beach and awakening to the sunrise and fresh air for a swim or early morning sailing...well...unforgettable..





Interested in Cruising the Lake?

This is a separate rental.  The Tiny Cabin is located in beautiful woods behind the beach.  The log-sided structure is 8'x12', finished with knotty pine inside with ample windows and burgundy curtains.  Furnishings include full-size bed, two chairs, small table, a Cabela's deluxe kitchen, heater, lamps and small clothing chest. It is just a short 150' walk to the beach.












As you approach the shore on the path frrom the Tiny Cabin, you are greeted with a breathtaking view of the beach, crystal clear water and the mountains. The sandy beach extends right into the lake. In the early am after a restful sleep, if there is a fresh wind from the south with waves crashing on the beach, sitting at the picnic table facing the lake with the breeze in your face and the mountain views with favorite drink in hand will become your most unforgettable experience at Willoughby.


Amenities: Picnic Table, Beach Chairs and Umbrella, Weber Gas Grill, Porta-Potty, Heater, Portable Lanterns, Wiki Torches, Fire Pit on beach and a very cold spring brook that comes out of the ground at the site for cooling food and drinks.


Rental: $150/night/couple. $50 additional for use of tent platform for children or second couple.


The tent platform is 12’x26’. We own 100 feet of beach frontage at the center of the 750-foot Crescent Beach. 50 feet to the northeast is reserved for the Tiny Cabin.  50 feet to the southwest is reserved for the cottage.


Pet Fee $20/night [max 2].  Pets must be on a leash.


Sam Kent. Call Heather at 435-772-5351, Blythe at 802-598-8700, or Mark

at 435-705-9563.



Tiny Cabin by the Beach



Interior of Cottage

Second floor: two full-sized beds overlook the lake; single bed in middle room; one full-sized bed behind cottage looking up into the woods. Single bed downstairs in front room. The front room and dining area look out over the lake. One can monitor children swimming at the waterfront.

The motor is reliable and is touted by many to be the easiest to start. Special, high octane alcohol-free gasoline may be purchased at the Westmore Store.


Watch the weather carefully. Do not use the motorboat unless the waves are gentle. The beach is always placid when the wind is from the north or west, but south waves can be dangerous.  Also, a west wind can come up behind the beach making a return to the cottage and landing difficult if not impossible -- unless you are an expert with boats.  Thus, also bring a car with you and park behind the beach. There is a mooring for the boat.


Fishing for lake trout is possible about 300 yards out from the beach. Explicit directions (secrets for catching them) will be offered on site.