Rental Rates



Rate Period




Tiny Cabin Behind Beach

Standard Rate

May 7 to October 22, 2022

Sat to Sat 7-day minimum stay for July-August-September

[exceptions in September for weeks not rented]








(as available)

May-June or Sept-Oct

2-day $680.00

3-day $995.00

Available All Seven Days




$300.00 for additional family




$150/night for Cabin

$50/night for tent platform



Additional Information About Rental Rates

Refundable damage deposit


$250 by check only


 Cleaning Fee


We ask folks to leave swept and clean as found. We do the polishing.

 VT Sales Tax



Owner's Cancellation Policy


We reimburse in full if we can re-rent your week.  As an example, over about a 10-year period we have had medical emergencies and have been successful in re-renting 4 of 4 times -- in one instance up until the last week.  The demand for our cottage is very high, and we have many backup requests, but taxes are also very high and we must be strict, so please be sure of your rental period.  Our major period for contracting the season starts in January and is sometimes complete by mid-March.  Our advertising exposure is much improved with Google Connect which helps significantly if you must cancel your reservation.


Rental Agreement

For your best interests and ours, we require a signed rental agreement when renting our vacation cottage or bunk house.  Please feel free to download and peruse our Rental Agreement.  Rental Agreement



                         Availability Spring/Summer/Fall 2022


May, June & October -  negotiable

July - Saturday to Saturday

July 2 - July 9

July 9 - July 16

July 16 - July 23

July 23 to July 30


August - Saturday to Saturday

July 30 - August 6

August 6 - August 13

August 13 - August 20

August 20 - August 27

August 27 - September 3


September - Saturday to Saturday

September 3 - September 10

September 10 - September 17

September 17 - September 24

September 24 - October 1



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